Monsel (formerly Casa Figueras) was founded in 1859 in the Plaza del Rey in Barcelona (Spain) by Francesc P. who distinguished himself by the richness of his mantillas, of a quality unknown until then. He not only worked for the city of Barcelona, Catalonia and the rest of Spain, but also abroad. It caused a sensation in his time that one of his mantillas sent to Argentina, cost three thousand dollars. In the 20th century, the Casa Figueras moved to the central street Ronda de San Pedro in Barcelona, under the name of Hijos de F. de P. Figueras. Initially it was a small retail shop where they sold mantillas, knitted fabrics and embroidery.

In 1930, the owner of the company, Mr. Tomás Figueras, also opened a factory where the main activity was the manufacture of knitted fabrics such as tulle, mesh, embroidery, lace and handmade Mantillas (in natural silk). The company evolved in the national market, where it began to supply directly to stores, always maintaining its own store.

In 1970, the company was taken over by Mr. Francisco Figueras, who introduced new production lines focused on the manufacture of wedding accessories, such as veils, mantillas, shawls, gloves, dogs, garters and tiaras.

The wide range of veils (embroidery, lace, whipped cream, soutage, crystal embroidery) allows you to make a renewed collection every season. The silk or organza gloves are examples of the best quality in the international market of bridal accessories. The complete collection has more than 200 references in veils, shawls and mantillas. The quality of our products is recognized all over the world, having clients mainly in all Europe and in the rest of the 4 continents.

In 1979 they began to enter the international market by attending the main textile fairs, first at CPD (before Iguedo), then at Modatex (Essen) and now at Interbride (Düsseldorf). In recent years, also attending the fair SI Sposaitalia (Milan). In addition, every year the new collections are presented at the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

In 2019, Monsel is acquired by a major fashion accessories firm, including a wide range of bridal fashion jewellery.

We are currently undergoing a major international expansion, both in Europe and the American continent.